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A New POV: Bystander Stories
by Irene Heron
Originally appeared in "A New POV: Bystander Stories", 2003. This was a very special project: the publisher, also a fabulously talented artist, provided a neutral fannish image and invited interpretations of the scene as an onlooker might experience it. Here are two very different stories about how outsiders might view the relationship between Han and Luke, inspired by a single image.

Expiration Date
by Irene Heron
Han and Luke must come to terms with irrevocable loss.
Written November 2000. Posted July 2002. 7 kb.
Rated: PG

Her Son's Legacy
by Irene Heron
An older and wiser Luke reflects on what many consider to be his greatest achievement. Originally appeared in "Wookiee Rendezvous", 1999.
Written January 1999. Posted July 2002. 25 kb.
Rated: PG

Lan Can Cook!
by Irene Heron
A humorous vignette poking a little fun at Lando Calrissian's suave, bon vivant persona. Originally appeared in "I Don't Care What You Smell 7", 2001.
Written March 2001. Posted July 2002. 10 kb
Rated: G

Out of the Terror
by Irene Heron
On a routine mission for the Rebellion, an unexpected disaster awakens Luke's untrained Force abilities. Originally appeared in "Imperium 10", 2001.
Written April 1999. Posted July 2002. 58 kb.
Rated: PG-13 

R e v i s i o n s !
The Fanfic Author's Lament
by Irene Heron
Silliness concerning a fan's virgin attempt to write fanfiction. Originally appeared in "I Don't Care What You Smell 7", 2001.
Written May 1999. Posted July 2002. 11 kb.
Rated: G

When I Wasn't Looking
by Irene Heron
Luke's thoughts on an unexpected development. This story was written as a sequel to Destina Fortunato's "Second Thoughts" - where instead of giving Luke that lingering glance during their farewells in the Hoth hangar, Han kisses him.
Written July 1999. Posted July 2002. 11 kb.
Rated: PG-13

'From a Certain Point of View' Series
A series of four stories that take an outside look at the relationship between Han and Luke.
by Irene Heron

A Breach of Protocol
Luke and Lando's diplomatic mission to help a system get back on its feet after Imperial occupation is complicated, both personally and professionally, when Han shows up. Originally appeared in "Elusive Lover IV", 2000.
Written January-April 2000. Posted May 2003. 236 kb.
Rating: PG-13

Forever in the Branches
Chewbacca considers some changes. Originally appeared in "Elusive Lover IV", 2000. STARaWARdS best vignette, 2000; STIFfie best short story, 2000.
Written June 1999. Posted May 2003. 13 kb.
Rating: G

Laughter in the Dark
Leia ponders her own history and future. Originally appeared in "Elusive Lover IV", 2000.
Written July 1999. Posted June 2003. 24 kb.
Rating: G

No Regrets
The conclusion to this series is available on the Star Wars Adult Fiction page. Readers please note that this is an explicit adult story. Originally appeared in "Elusive Lover IV", 2000.
Written April 2000. Posted June 2003. 27 kb.
Rating: NC-17

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