Star Wars
"Luminous beings are we,
not this crude matter."
Yoda to Luke Skywalker, The Empire Strikes Back

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Han and Luke

Welcome to the Star Wars fiction page, which is divided into two categories - Adult and Everything Else.

Readers will find a variety of fiction in this archive, from comic vignettes to angsty novellas. Some stories have been carefully crafted to comply with filmed canon, while others are deliberate alternate realities. People and events from the pro-fiction have been cheerfully ignored or used, as stories' needs dictate. Ratings range from G to NC-17. All stories focus on the original trilogy, and prominently feature Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Most of the stories deal with themes of love, growth, acceptance, power, responsibility and/or loss.

A few words of explanation
The non-adult archive contains a mix of "gen" and "slash" works. No distinction is made between heterosexual or homosexual story content within a rating level. Readers may find non-explicit homosexual relationships in G through PG-13 rated stories. The owner of this website feels strongly that no one, including children and gray-haired grannies, needs to be shielded from stories which portray a love existing between two members of the same gender. Ratings are based strictly on language, themes and sexual intimacy, and are applied equally to action adventure, heterosexual romance and homosexual romance categories.

The adult fiction section contains stories rated R and NC-17 and are strictly for those above the age of majority in their locale. Some stories are sexually explicit, some deal with adult and/or dark themes. There are no torture or abuse stories within these pages. Most of these stories are considered "slash", that is, a romantic/sexual relationship existing between members of the same gender.

If any of these notions offend you, leaving this site now might prove a wise decision. Otherwise, one click on the link of your choice will transport you to a Galaxy Far Far Away.

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Thanks to Cara for the lovely Han/Luke icon!