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February 22, 2004

Added two very special stories to the Star Wars non-adult fiction section. Also updated the links page and slightly revamped the site's appearance.

Gafiation has taken its toll and this website will no longer be updated. Never fear, however, luminous beings will not disappear from the web. Han and Luke will always be very precious to me, and I hope that perhaps through this site's offerings others will find joy with them. Love the boys well and they will enrich your life.

If you are interested in learning about my other fan interest, you are invited to visit Partner Mine, my Man from U.N.C.L.E. slashy shrine site. Napoleon and Illya were my first fan love many years ago, shaping my life and values in ways I'm only now coming to recognize, and they are every bit as wonderful the second time around.

October 12, 2003

"From the Ashes", a long NC-17 rated story concerning a crisis in Han's life, has been posted to the Star Wars Adult Fiction page.

Also, for those who missed the announcement on the Luke_and_Han list, the alternate universe zine, Parallel Lives, has been permanently shelved due to real life health issues.

June 29, 2003

The NC-17 conclusion to the 'From a Certain Point of View' series has been posted to the Star Wars Adult Fiction page. Please be aware that "No Regrets", unlike the others in this series, is a very sexually explicit story.

June 15, 2003

The third story in the 'From a Certain Point of View' series has been posted to the Star Wars non-adult fiction page. "Laughter in the Dark" examines Leia's complex perspective on the growing love between Han and Luke.

May 29, 2003

"Forever in the Branches", the second story in the "From a Certain Point of View" series has been posted on the Star Wars non-adult fiction page. It's short, so I have no excuse for taking so long to get it posted!

May 13, 2003

The first of a four-story series has been posted to the Star Wars non-adult fiction section. Go check out "A Breach of Protocol", and be on the lookout for the rest of the series soon.

May 4, 2003

Despite good intentions, it's been rather a long while since the last update. Go check out an early Han/Luke story, Jigsaw, added to the Star Wars adult page.

October 13, 2002

Cara Loup's page, Bit of Light, is now online! Stop wasting your time here and go enjoy her absolutely beautiful site, with all the glorious art and amazing fiction!

September 22, 2002

Uploaded a beautiful splash page, courtesy of the multi-talented Cara Loup.

September 2, 2002

There may not be a lot of updates to luminous beings for the next month or so, because there are a lot of fannish deadlines in the immediate future. Editing and writing for the combined print zine "Elusive Lover/Parallel Lives" continues apace, plus finishing up contributions for two or three additional print zines. Whew! By around October things like essays and reviews should start appearing on this site.

September 1, 2002

luminous beings is finally a reality! After two years of haphazard planning, it's a real thrill to see long-held plans take shape. Linear time is the true enemy of fen everywhere! *g*

As with most fannish ventures, luminous beings is a collaborative effort and wouldn't be here without the assistance and support of a few good friends. So, in the tradition of grateful tributes, I'd like to thank the following most wonderful people:

Tina - for hours of patient html instruction and advice, for making the beautiful logos and navigation buttons, for good German coffee to keep me awake on many a late night, for showing me how wonderful and helpful sheep can be, and for her generous heart.

Sue - for limitless friendship, encouragement, support, letting me snarl and complain when I needed to vent, and for being my Evil Twin. What would I do without you?

Nick - just because.

Cara - for inspiration beyond measure, for friendship beyond measure, for splash pages and banners and introducing me to the glory that is Han/Luke!