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Elusive Lover - The Web Home for Han/Luke Lovers

Elusive Lover is the first (and best) website devoted to the Jedi and the Smuggler. The first two issues of the print zine are now online (including glorious art), plus additional web-only art and fic. I visit frequently to get my Han/Luke fix. If outstanding writing and exceptional art appeals to you, well, you won't be disappointed!

Lady Angel's Den of Debauchery

Angel has proven herself a prolific and constantly improving Han/Luke author. Her fiction ranges from schmoop to very very dark, so there's something here for everyone. She's also started vidding! Do check out her offerings.

Chrysopaz & Brandy

Morgan D's Han/Luke list fiction, mostly very short challenge pieces, but very enjoyable.

Buddy System

Sayaka's adorable anime/manga style Star Wars art.

The Corellian Embassy

A highly popular gen Star Wars website featuring fanfiction previously published in zines. Definitely Han Solo-centric, but there's plenty of Luke to enjoy too, and some of the fic is so focused on the Han & Luke friendship that it could be considered pre-slash.

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Link to luminous beings and drop me a line telling me you've done so.