A New POV: Bystander Stories

This is the single image which inspired the two stories listed here. If you are interested in reading other authors' interpretations of this same image, please visit X_art and scroll down the page until you find the link for the Bystander zine.

Please Note! Do not copy, link to, or post this image anywhere else. It is the sole property of the artist. As one of the zine authors I am permitted to post this art only as an illustration for the stories it inspired. Any other use is unauthorized.

The Stars Inside
by Irene Heron

A chance encounter results in clear vision.
Written September 2002. Posted February 2004. 12 kb.
Rated: PG
by Irene Heron

Sometimes recognizing the futility of war can't prevent one.
Written September 2002. Posted February 2004. 13 kb.
Rated: PG

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