first stage: out of the Shire
1 – Spell
Frodo must leave the Shire – but who can he take with him?
Rating: G
Timeline: 13 April 1418, S.R.
2 – Conspirators
Pippin and Merry make some unsettling discoveries.
Rating: G
Timeline: 12 May 1418, S.R.
3 – Leavetaking
How can Sam say goodbye to all that he loves?
Rating: G
Timeline: 23 September 1418, S.R.
4 – Ever On
Frodo's first steps into the unknown.
Rating: G
Timeline: 24 September 1418, S.R.
5 – If He Climbs to the Moon
A first encounter with the Elves opens Sam's eyes.
Rating: G
Timeline: 25 September 1418, S.R.
6 – Speak No Words
A rending cry - and the difference it makes to Frodo.
Rating: G
Timeline: 25 September 1418, S.R.
New stories will be added to the following sections eventually.
For the time being, completed pieces are posted in chronological order.

second stage: from the Shire borders to Weathertop

The Shield
On the road to Weathertop, a haunting dream comes to Sam.
Rating: G
Timeline: 4-6 October 1418, S.R.

third stage: from Weathertop to Rivendell
On the Morrow
Frodo awakens to change in many shades.
Rating: G
Timeline: 8 October 1418, S.R.
In the Quiet of Time (preview)

What did I know of hobbits? - Aragorn's thoughts during the desperate flight.
Rating: G
Timeline: 13-14 October 1418, S.R.
Above the Falls
Near Rivendell, Pippin begins to see past terrors in a different light.
Rating: G
Timeline: 20 October 1418, S.R.

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