Light Passing Between
by Cara J. Loup

This series explores the time Sam and Frodo spent in the Shire after their return from the quest. While the stories form a continuum, they can also stand on their own, and each seems to raise new questions for me. We all know that Frodo eventually left Middle-earth, but how did this choice come about, and was it inevitable? Frodo and Sam themselves could not know that their shared time in the Shire would end at the Grey Havens, and that's the viewpoint I'm adopting here. The writing of these stories involves many discoveries and sources of inspiration – among them the beautiful poem Things by Jane Kenyon from which the series title is derived (see the quote on the banner above).

In all my writing I'm indebted to some wonderful friends who've helped me untangle many a knot and whose insights and curiosity mean more to me than I can say. With much love and gratitude, these stories are dedicated to Frayach, Calanthe and Nikki.

Click on the story title or the button next to it, and the story will appear in a new window. New stories will be added at the bottom of the list, though I can't promise that I'll always write in strictly chronological order. If you have any comments, criticisms, thoughts or questions, I'd be delighted to hear from you. Please contact me at

1 – All's Well
Sam's reunion with his Gaffer.
Rating: G
Timeline: 2 November 1419, S.R.
2 – Roost
Sam and Frodo's first night at the Cotton farm.
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: 2 November 1419, S.R.
3 – Blotmath
Is there still a place in the Shire for Sam and Frodo?
Rating: NC-17
Timeline: 17-18 November 1419, S.R.
4 – In the Clear
Gaffer Gamgee wonders what the new year will bring.
Rating: G
Timeline: December 1419, S.R.
5 – Shirriff
A shirriff's recollections from the winter of 1419.
Rating: G
Timeline: January 1420, S.R.
6 – Belowlands
"How do you live, at odds with all and aught?"
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: February 1420, S.R.
7 – Rime
Between future and past, a door opens. But which path is it that Frodo must take?
Rating: PG
Timeline: 12-15 March 1420, S.R.
8 – Sun in the Stone
Sam has an unusual encounter as he tries to make a long-delayed decision.
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: March 1420, S.R.
9 – The Dwindling Hour
"When are you going to move in and join me, Sam?"
Rating: PG
Timeline: 26 March 1420, S.R.
10 – In the Giving
Some things are given once and for all times.
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: 1 April 1420, S.R.

In the giving lies a wish,
and the wishing bears a seed
that may grow to be a tree.

(Shire verse)

And that's the end of it, for the time being... I expect to write more about the post-quest period eventually, but for now I'll take a break to work on other stories and series that were all on hold for a year. There's a lot, too, that I still have to think through.

Thanks to everyone who has followed Light Passing Between so far, and thanks especially for your encouraging comments and feedback.

* to be continued *