Inside A Song

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214 pages (in 10-point script) of stories, poetry and artwork devoted to the love between Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee in all its facets. Featuring materials of different length, focus and rating, the zine presents a kaleidoscope of various looks at Sam and Frodo's love for each other and the complex history of their bond.

Inside A Song cover


Any Other Day by Adrienne (5)
Divarications by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins (31)
All Souls by Thia (10)
Snowblind by Europanya (15)
Dreams of a Far Green Country by Diamond of Long Cleeve (18)
Mathom by Willow-wode (16)
Never & Always by Cara Loup (23)
To Drive Cold Winter Away by Adrienne (13)
First Night by Thia (8)
Mount Doom (poem) by Nikki Took (1)
The Echo of Bells by Mary Borsellino (2)
The Wind's Tale by Cara Loup (35)
Endurance Beyond Hope by Frayach ni Cuill (20)
The Road to Valinor by Teasel (10)
Recollections by Adrienne (3)

Artwork by Karadin, Kristina, Lorraine, O. Melton, Solarfall and Willow-wode.

The materials included in this zine will not be posted or archived on the web until a year after publication. Inside A Song premiers at MediaWest*Con at the end of May. To order by mail: Kathleen Resch - P.O. Box 1766 - Temple City CA 91780 or email Kathleen Resch (web-listing at the Waveney website after May 26th). Payment by check (US only) or money order, made out to Kathleen Resch; PayPal account:

Available for:
$22 US Media Mail
$25 US Priority Mail
$27 Canada
$33 Europe
$34 Pacific

Since this zine contains explicit descriptions of same-sex love, it will not be available to minors. An age statement will be required with every order: state that you are of legal age to read adult materials (18 or over in the US). If you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime.

If you're interested in purchasing prints of Lorraine's gorgeous art, please visit her page.

Cara J. Loup, editor and happy hobbit minion

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