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...dark with excessive bright (Milton: Paradise Lost)

To me, this quote describes what it is that makes the bond between Sam and Frodo so unique: joy so intense that it cuts, losses so charged with love that they shine. In all my writing, I hope to capture little glimpses of this.

I've lately rearranged the order of stories to make it more transparent: Recently completed stories, cycles of stories, and series that I'm still adding to are now listed at the top of this page. My stories on the Shire Years page, the two long quest stories from Inside A Song, and my two ongoing series, Light Passing Between and That Fate Them Bore, are all part of the same continuum. Below these four segments follow the older pieces from 2002-2003, more or less in the order that they were written.

All accompanying artwork is mine, unless otherwise marked. I welcome and appreciate all comments and criticisms: talk to me and share whatever comes to your mind. (Just don't tell me I'm lousy at writing summaries... I already know that. ;-) Please take note: if you're under legal age, you should not read any stories rated higher than PG-13.

newUploaded 01/29/08: Speak No Words

Light Passing Between – a post-quest series.

A series about Frodo's and Sam's difficult homecoming that contains ten stories at the moment and may grow longer eventually. The individual stories with summaries and ratings are listed on a separate page (posted so far: All's Well, Roost, Blotmath, In the Clear, Shirriff, Belowlands, Rime, Sun in the Stone, The Dwindling Hour). The link below leads to the latest story.

In the Giving – Some things are given once and for all times. PG-13

Quest stories from Inside A Song

Never and Always – Stages of a journey traced through the memory of special places. PG-13 (art by Lorraine)

The Wind's Tale – How does the Ring shape and transform Frodo and Sam's love? PG-13 to R (art by Lorraine)

These two stories are part of the same continuum and should be read together.

Beginnings of the Ring-Quest: That Fate Them Bore

A story cycle that begins with Frodo's decision to leave the Shire and will eventually end in Rivendell. Individual stories with summaries and ratings are listed on a separate page. The link below leads directly to the latest story.

Speak No Words – A rending cry... and the difference it makes to Frodo. G new

Hosted on 'Bit of Light': The Shire Years page where Frayach ni Cuill and I collect stories that focus on Sam's and Frodo's connection to the Shire.

1400: Spring – First in a series of four, dedicated to Sam's life in the Shire and his growing bond with Bilbo and Frodo, in the year before Bilbo's departure. G

Died Singing – Hamson Gamgee returns from the Northfarthing for an unexpected visit. G

Sūlinīr (sound of the wind's grief) – Spring returns, and Sam has a journey before him. PG

Elanor (poem) – Elanor remembers her father. G

Stories completed in 2002 & 2003

Five Elements

1 Water – Sam's fear of drowning. G (cover art by VB)

2 Fire...and be consumed by either fire or fire. PG-13 (cover art by VB)

3 Shadow – Through the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie. PG-13 (cover art by VB)

4 Air – Too much air to breathe. NC-17 (cover art by VB)

5 Earth – The taste of home. G

River to the Sea

Ghost – Is Bag End haunted? G

When – Frodo waits. PG-13

The Calling – Sam receives his call. PG-13

Spirit – On the other side of the Sea. R

Meridian (AU series set in the Shire, before the quest)

For a Star and a Half – A tavern conversation overturns Sam's life. PG-13 (cover art by Cara, internal artwork by Lorraine)

Winnow and Rhyme - part 1 – A secret romance runs into several obstacles. NC-17

Winnow and Rhyme - part 2 – A secret romance runs into several obstacles. NC-17

Roads through Darkness (stories set during the Ring-quest)

Wider the Dark – Frodo makes a discovery in Moria. PG-13

The Wind in the Wish – Sam makes a wish in Lórien. R

Last Steps – What remains within sight of Mount Doom? PG

Hope Unquenchable – Memories lost, regained and released after the Ring’s destruction. PG-13

stand alone stories

Undersun – Gollum wonders about Sam. (Ring-quest) PG-13 (cover art by VB)

Naming Day – The naming of Elanor... and Samwise Gamgee. (post-quest) G

White Shadow – Strange paths cross the Sundering Seas. (post-quest) PG-13

Inside A Song, the Sam/Frodo zine published in 2003 is still available in print. For a story listing and ordering information, click here.

Disclaimer: The characters and universe featured in these stories were brought into the world by J.R.R. Tolkien, whose work I greatly admire. I intend no copyright infringement, and the joy of writing about Sam and Frodo is all the profit I could wish for.

Copyright for the stories published here (c) 2002-2006 by Cara J. Loup. Please do not post the stories or art on these pages anywhere else without permission.

The quotes on the banner at the top are from "Possession" by Sarah McLachlan, one of my favourite songs. Quotes on the various icons from top to bottom: "Things" by Jane Kenyon, "The Grey Havens", "Ice" by Sarah McLachlan, LOTR Epilogue, "Darkness Darkness" by Solas.