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Sam&FrodoLoveLinks to LOTR story archives and useful resources

A Light in Dark Places: LOTR stories by Frayach ni Cuill
A Light in Dark Places

Flowers in a Lightning Storm: LOTR fiction by Adrienne
Flowers in a Lightning Storm

Concerning Hobbits: LOTR fiction by Briefly Del
Concerning Hobbits

Cerin Amroth: LOTR fiction by Hope
Cerin Amroth

House of Hobbits: LOTR fiction by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
House of Hobbits

Quill and Candle: Sam/Frodo stories by Keye Goodenough
Quill and Candle

Return to Me: LOTR stories by Nikki Took
Return to Me

Fireside Tales: Sam/Frodo stories by Notabluemaia
Fireside Tales

Amazing Creatures: LOTR fiction by Teasel
Amazing Creatures

Things Invisible: LOTR fiction by Thia
Things Invisible

In A Green Shade: Sam/Frodo stories by Tiriel
In A Green Shade

LOTR art by Omelton

LOTR art by Solarfall
Solarfall's Realm

Whether Or No: A slash archive for hobbit pairings
Whether Or No

Frodo/Sam fan listing

The Hobbit Slash Archive: A new archive for Frodo/Sam and Merry/Pippin

Hobbit Website Database
Hobbit Website Database

West of the Moon: LOTR fic archive featuring story reviews, gen and slash
West of the Moon

Least Expected: one of the biggest archives for LOTR slash (sporadically unavailable)

The Library of Moria: LOTR slash archive
Library of Moria

Henneth Annun: select LOTR fiction of every genre

Lorelei's LOTR stories and fic (w)rec(k)s

LOTR fanfic recs at Versaphile

The Encyclopedia of Arda

Tolkien Maps

The Shire Post: Map of the Shire and postal services

Fellowship of the Word-smiths: Quenya, Sindarin, and Middle-Earth calendars

Shire Timeline: a guide for fic writers

Hobbit geneaology: ancestors and relatives of Frodo, Merry and Pippin

Ringbearers RememberedRingbearersRemembered -- a sanctuary for Frodo and Sam.

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