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Here's where I'm keeping my livejournal icons, just so I don't lose track of them.


a mighty pine arose...i guil nn 'ni guil ln...that reached to Ilw and the stars
joya light from the shadows shall springblessings
aiya erendil elenion ancalimathe king has got a crown again...the spirit in me

from the North shall he come, need shall drive himo elbereth gilthonielOut of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am comein the quiet of time
turn your face...were mirrored in his silver shieldin the farthest west out on the great sea there lies an the green world
in his arms lay glisteninga day will come when Ifound in the snowmirrored in his silver shield

light passing betweenwhat do you see...Belowlandsonly sleeping
if it breaks my back and heartyou don't knowalyways belovedtrust me
ready for the stormdarkness darknessno journey homejourney's end
I can waitshadow of a smile where the heart moves the stones he has the last of my heart

forever is a fireRest you quiet... Winnow & Rhyme hold on
All's Well White Shadow-Sam Life without you WhiteShadow-Frodo
to stay alive don't go where I can't follow the crooked line harthad uluithiad
The Wretches Gone Awry When all lights are out All that is gold Not all those who wander

Ghost When The Calling Spirit
For a Star and a Half Naming Day Wider The Dark The Wind in the Wish
taitose? crossing borders watching elves catching fire
whether or no always at your side the bed's too big without you not without me


icons made for Frayach

Let Evening Come Legacy What the Heart Knows The Invitation


icons made for Adrienne

Van ele nihou thi... Frodo lives fly anywhere aggia mi.


icons Hope made for me

Air For a Star and a Half


icons Adrienne made for me

you shinecounting the hoursyour time may comeholy carol


icons made for Irene

Eyes of Mercy Luke Han sandstorm Jedi will they die?