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Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' is an endlessly fascinating book that opens up a number of complex reading possibilites. Here's where I'm going to explore some of them. In time, rants and essays about writing, slash and fandom will probably show up on this page as well.


1 – A Bit Of Light. Visions and Transformations of the Ring Quest. April 2002

2 – Sam's Star. Aragorn's mysterious gift to Sam in the year 1436. July 2004

3 – Mortals in the Undying Lands. How are the hobbits transformed when they journey across the Sea? last updated Aug. 2005

4 – Love, Intimacy and Desire among Hobbits. An essay in several chapters that I'm currently still working on. July 2003, revised May 2008

Table of Contents
1 – An Introduction to the Problem
Marriage customs among elves and hobbits
The author and the text: some preliminaries
Sex in Tolkien's works
Frodo and Sam: the crux of a unifying sexual standard

2 – Family, Marriage and Sex in the Shire: Elementary
2.1 'Good characters are chaste': Continence, Sam's tryst with the beer-barrel, and some fallacies of argument
2.2 Cultural difference and the historical 'otherness' of Middle-earth societies
2.3 What is sex, and how do we define it for Middle-earth?
2.4 Kinship structures and marriage among hobbits: known and unknown factors
2.5 Love and romance: Beren and Lúthien enter the hobbit-world
2.6 'Rustic Love': (Re-)conceptualising Sam's marriage
2.7 Open endings and the secrets of the sea: The choices of Master Samwise

to follow soon:
3 – Intimacy and Emotion: The Range of Love and Friendship
4 – 'Strange Fates' or 'Queer Fates'? The Matter of Sam and Frodo


Agree, disagree, feel like discussing things further? Get in touch with me anytime – I look forward to hearing from you.